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Supporting you with last mile delivery

Why choose us?

  • You will be 100% satisfied with each delivery or you will be given a complete refund no questions.

  • Your envelop or package will be delivered on time every time.

  • You will always be treated throughout the delivery process in a professional manner.

  • You will be given the widest selection of price points and delivery options.

  • You can trust us with your most important and time sensitive deliveries.

  • Always Clean Bikes

  • Properly Maintained with regular service

  • A Fully Equipped Rider

Our Riders: Preparation of Riders

  • The Riders go through a 2 Weeks mandatory refresher Training in Riding, Customer Care, Communication, Traffic Guides, body hygiene Bike maintenance and basic repair.

  • The Riders possess a Riding License.


The Look of our Riders

  • Riders are provided with a Fully Branded Helmet, 2 Reflector Jackets, Branded Overall, Branded Water Proof Jackets/ Rain Coats, Safety Bag and Safety Shoes

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